Humble Beginnings

Happy New year once again….


Every great and magnificent success story had a small beginning.  They all had to start from zero! That scary singular number that signifies nothing, void and vacuum. Many fear starting anything because they don’t want to be a ‘zero’. They would rather live a safe predictable life just to avoid dealing with their ‘zeros’. They would rather shrink and fit into mediocrity. And there are those who are ready to accept the ‘zeros’ because they know the zero will become a ‘one’ soon, and with time become a ‘ten’ and in the future with dedicated hard-work and purpose, that zero will grow into a ‘thousand’.


The beauty about starting from the very bottom is knowing that the only direction you can go is up! The fear of being new to something or not knowing enough in a certain area might be really scary, trust me I know. However, instead of channeling this fear into the negative perspective of ‘ I am new and therefore nobody’, tunnel it out into a mindset in which you have received the opportunity to learn a new skill, a new program or a new language. Focus on the fact that you are learning something new in the growth process, instead of the fact that you are new to something. Here are my top three tips on how to stay positive when you are starting out something completely new and you are ever so terrified!


1)Focus on the learning process; Not everyone has the chance to do something new and exciting in their lives, you have the opportunity to do so and it’s sitting on your lap. Don’t run from it, embrace it and learn as you grow. Many wish they had the same opportunity you have right now, be grateful and grasp onto it while you can. Pretty soon, you will evolve and look back on the days when you were afraid of starting out or staying positive during your very humble beginnings.

2)Don’t look at the numbers; It’s really discouraging to look at how many followers or subscribers you have. It’s even worse when you compare yourself with others who seem to be doing better than you online. This is such a dangerous to do because you don’t know what their story is, or how hard they work or if they have a team of people doing the work for them. Look away from the numbers and let your target be creating incredible work/content, with time the numbers will grow on their own without you noticing.

3)Give yourself room to breathe; In as much as you are working super hard to learn and grow, now and again, take a moment to give yourself time to REST and breathe. You are human and your biological system wasn’t created to function like a robot, it needs to rest/recharge/refresh/renew. Create time for yourself, it is just as important as working hard. You produce better quality of work when you take breaks when necessary.

My dear newbie, we all were new to something at some point in our lives. We started a new course, new schools, new relationships, new projects, new careers and so on, we did not let the fear of being new prevent us from succeeding did it? Why not apply the same mindset now. What are you afraid to start, or what have you started recently but abandoned because it was ‘too’ hard? Let’s inspire each other, please comment below if you are scared to start something new or if you’ve successfully started something, I wanna share in your joy or struggle. Let’s talk…..


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♕Happy New Year♕

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