Ankara Wrap Dress

Hey guys.

In this post, I share yet another DIY project. I made this fresh wrap dress using a mix of Ankara print & mint green jersey materials. Since we are coming Spring soon, I have started to create garments that are suited for warmer seasons.

Curious to see what the wrap dress looks like as well as how I made it?
Check it out…

p1400536 - diy wrap dressp1400539 - diy wrap dressp1400543 - diy wrap dressp1400548 - diy wrap dressp1400551 - diy wrap dressp1400556 - diy wrap dressp1400563 - diy wrap dressp1400569 - diy wrap dress

Watch the sewing tutorial below:

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Have a fabulous week!

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Neha says:

    Hey! Lovely dress!!
    I wanted to ask you a question about African wax print fabrics- I got mine from Accra, Ghana. Does one need to wash the fabric before sewing? And once the garment has been stitched what’s the best way to care for it? Is it Dry clean only??
    Thanks so much! I love your YouTube channel!


    1. Kim Dave says:

      Hi Neha.

      I usually don’t wash my Ankara fabrics before sewing with them, but I’ve discovered the fabrics shrinks when washed in the washing machine. So I suggest you dry clean or wash at low temperature.


  2. Evamilo says:

    The dress is beautiful.


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