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My name is Priscillia Okpan, born and bred Nigerian Fashion & Design student living in London. I’ve come to appreciate the transformative effect fashion and beauty has on a person, their career, and the society. The blog Kim Dave was born in 2012 and is a medium to showcase that ‘appreciation’ through fashion & lifestyle tips. Every woman can look her absolute best, still have a beautiful personality and have control over her life. I share my mind-chatter which often translates to inspirational articles.

The name Kim Dave is a combination of my other English name & my Dad’s name (bless him), I chose this because I’m drawn to style and fashion of past generations which I often refine using modern style methods.

Statistics as at 13/04/2017

Instagram : 6,000 followers
Blog : 1,800 followers
Facebook : 3,999 fans
Twitter : 786 followers
YouTube : 478 subscribers
LinkedIn : 311 connections

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me via mail kimdavedesigns@gmail.com

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