Christmas Gift Guide 2020

With Christmas less than two months away, I thought it will an amazing idea to create a gift guide showcasing an array of fun ideas for her. These range from clothing, accessories and even art.

Shall we get started?

  1. Print Fleece Scarf
Kim Dave Kolanut print scarf

This black and beige print fleece scarf makes for a thoughtful gift. The colour combination is neutral enough to be worn with different outfits.

2) African Inspired Earrings

Roccia Jewellery Cowries Earrings

This is one of many styles of jewellery curated by Roccia jewellery. The pieces have an elegant afrocentric feel and will make amazing gifts for her.

3) Art

Art Illustration by Diana Phiri-Witty

These female illustration is a modern and appropriate gift for someone who shares interest in creative areas. The artist (Diana Phiri-Witty) has other work with vibrant hues if you are looking for something more colourful.

4) Leather goods

Leather purses by Eris Atelier for Kim Dave

Leather goods such as purses, bags, belts, watches e.t.c make great investment gift ideas for the holiday season.

5) DIY Kits

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

An amazing gift for a crafty person is a DIY gift of some sort. It could be one that done with a friend or with family members. This becomes a fun activity to do with loved ones while making beautiful memories. Try this Hairband making kit or Scrunchies making kit

I hope this post has inspired you for when you are looking for gifts for that special someone.

Good luck

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