Yellow Bride

IMG_7808Happy Birthday Priscillia pic 2 no flowerHAPPY BIRTHDAY PRISCILLIA

Life really has its own plans, sometimes it aligns with yours and other times you have to let go & be schooled by life’s experiences. The woman I’m becoming is a product of life, love and experiences. I used to be scared of the idea of ageing. But in recent times, I’ve come to really appreciate how life and your years are the greatest teachers. I now have a smaller circle of friends whom I hold dearly and share my worries & deliberations with.
Family has become so important to me because they always have my back and support everything I do.
Giving without expecting anything in return has become my way of life, because I know when I give I do not loose but instead I’m investing spiritually in my future.
Money is no longer the only reason I work. I don’t just want to earn cash at the detriment of my soul and well-being. Money is meant to work for man and not the other way around.
The meaning of love has changed for me. Love really is selfless and always forgiving. Not taking note of wrong.
In all I’m beyond grateful to have the opportunity to see another year and share with the ones I love. Happy Birthday Priscillia. You’ve done well 😇

Photography, makeup and creative styling by @voultphotography
Custom dress by @kimdavedesigns
Hair piece by @tosinogunsanya

Full dress tutorial here

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  1. Intenminutes says:

    Omg such words of wisdom and the yellow is gorgeous!!


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