Wardrobe Essential : The Denim Shirt

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Today’s post is all about the denim. The denim shirt is fashion staple that can be worn all year round. This simple garment has been redefined over time. Designers have experimented with different details, fabrics and silhouette to modify the basic denim shirt.  In this post, I have shared my fave denim shirt outfit ideas for the summer.

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l (7)

These outfit sets were created using Polyvore. Now, here are my outfits which I created around the same denim shirt. All six looks are perfect for the warm days.

Drop the neckline of a simple denim shirt by doing up the last two buttons. Through this, you create an off-shoulder top.
Layer a flared sleeve top underneath a denim shirt to give personality to your look. Suitable for cooler summer days.
Turn the shirt around and tie a knot with the two sides of the front at the back. Turn up the sleeves for more edge.
Wear the shirt as loose outerwear on windy summer days.
Travel back to the 90s when boleros were so cool. Tie-up a denim skirt over a cute skater dress for a relaxed and stylish look.
Wrap the two sides of the front to create a wrap-shirt. Tuck into skirt or pants to keep both sides crossed.

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