Have You Seen Zoella’s Beauty Line?

Tuesday Afternoon, I was perfume hunting at Oxford street and decided to check out SuperDrug.
I spotted the Zoella Let’s Spritz Body mist and I immediately fell inlove with the fragrance. Then I looked at the campaign photo again and realised its the same Zoella whose videos I had seen on YouTube.
I honestly froze for a split second and said to myself ‘you go girl’.


Zoe Elizabeth Snugg is a 25years old English Fashion and Beauty Vlogger who started her channel in 2009. With over 8million subscribers, numerous awards and TV appearances, She has proven that diligence and hard-work do pay after all.

Let’s get to the good stuff shall we?


The beauty line comprises of bath and beauty products that have a fruity kick to them. Part of the range are also funky cosmetic purses with the cutest designs on them.
The best part is none of the products are more than £8!.
There’s an ongoing online promotion at SuperDrug in which you can get that all the products for a whooping £35 instead of £47!!!
Super affordable.
See the entire range here

I bought myself the Let’s spritz body mist and I can’t get enough of it,
its the perfect summer scent!


This body mist has a lingering sweet scent that make your mouth water when you perceive it.
I’m seriously considering going back for the bubble bath, imagine using it and then the body mist afterwards, pure bliss!

“The moral of the story” in British accent
Whatever you do,
do it with consistency, diligence, focus and passion.
Soon, maybe not in a year or two, but eventually you’ll reap the rewards.

Until my next post,
Remain Awesome

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Kim Dave Signature 2015

3days before the giveaway reveal.
I’m excited!!!
Who’s the lucky girl gonna be.
See how to enter now.

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