The A Collection

The new capsule collection by yours truly is finally here! Here’s the inspiration behind the collection. What you wear is an extension of what you feel within, knowingly or not. Your mood and emotions are often influenced by the clothes you have on. Fashion offers a voice that isn’t discriminate against gender, age & race.
The Mood board
This collection was subconsciously influenced by medieval Asian androgynous garment silhouettes. I watch a lot of Korean dramas and recently saw one set in very early Korean historical times. I recall admiring the colours and details of the garments of a royal Korean family. Without paying attention, I introduced sleeves and dress cuts into the design developments when I started working on this collection. In addition to the Asian influence, I looked into 70s fashion. I love the 70s because it is an era that represents freedom of expression. The Afro hair, distinctive make-up and bright colours, made them stand out wherever they were. I decided then to mix the culture and heritage of Korea & the vibrancy of the 70s era to create a bold, daring and exotic aesthetic.
By the time I was done with the primary stage research, the designs I had created were very simple but very eclectic. I wanted to establish a balance between comfort and style. Thanks to my birth country and my love for colours, choosing the fabrics wasn’t difficult. I decided to use prints, laces and embroided fabrics for the entire collection.
The Colour Board

 The final message behind the collection is this; do not be afraid to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to stand out. Being able to express yourself freely using fashion as a tool is open to every person of every race. You can be the ‘A’ in your school, church, office and family. 

With further ardor, see the capsule collection below….

P1300517 - 12 Mar - A Collection-2
The Komole Skirt
P1300528 - 12 Mar - A Collection-2
The Disco Skirt
P1300579 - 12 Mar - A Collection-2
The Ekaette Dress
P1300593 - 12 Mar - A Collection-2
The Dunmi White Lace Dress
P1300678 - 12 Mar - A Collection-2
The Boogie Dress
P1300732 - 12 Mar - A Collection-2
The Eku Jacket
P1300709 - 12 Mar - A Collection-2
The Ojevwe Button-up Dress
P1300785 - 12 Mar - A Collection
The Edo Crop Top
P1300789 - 12 Mar - A Collection
The Gbodo Crop Top
Visit the Kim Dave on Instagram here for more details. I hope you love this collection as much as I do.

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Special huge thanks to the amazing @stoikerty for shooting this collection.

Have a beautiful week ahead!

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