Loss And Balance


The driving force behind this project is the goal of creating fashion for all. As encompassing as fashion as a means of expression might seem, not everyone is catered to. Some of us get boxed into a class that is forgotten, marginalized and given the residue of what’s left of the fashion industry. When I was given the freedom to choose what diverse sector of fashion to address, I narrowed the many options to disability especially women confined to wheelchairs as a result of spinal or leg paralysis. A major consideration I had to always have in mind is the change in the shape of the body once it assumes a ‘seated’ position.  Folded elbows, bent knees, arched backs and shorter torsos. Aside these obvious anatomical differences, the importance of accessibility and adaptability in the design process was unavoidable. These details were of high priority because of my customer’s limited ability to dress herself. I experimented with the positioning of garment fastenings such as zips, drawstrings and elastic bands to create an outcome that is functional, fashion forward but still easy to wear. To harmonize my designs with its purpose and stay true to a modern aesthetic, I drew silhouette inspiration from the Jellyfish. The round nature of this animal resembles a blown balloon and its tentacles which it uses to swim freely can be compared to the rods in the wheel of a wheelchair, which provides a mobility for a disabled person.

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P2250026 - Loss & Balance.jpg



P2250057 - Loss & Balance.jpg

P2250039 - Loss & Balance.jpg

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