Five Ways To Refresh Your Wardrobe for Autumn

Hi guys.

Allow me to welcome you to Autumn season in the U.K. and possibly other countries in the Northern Hemisphere. I personally don’t like to spend a lot of money buying a new wardrobe whenever the seasons change, so if you’re on board with me on that thought then you’re in for a treat.

In this post, I share five of my favourite ways to refresh my wardrobe in preparation for the cold seasons ahead. Here we go!

Having a functional coat in a colour of your choice is a must to brace the cold. I like to opt for bright colours because it’s a great way to uplift your mood on cold grey days.

Over the knee boots

I have a soft spot for over the knee boots because it’s a two in one package. You get a pair of shoes and ‘socks’ that go all the way to your thighs, meaning extra warmth ^.^



Fun fact: I attended boarding school back home in Nigeria, and a green beret was part of the school uniform. It took me a long time to shake off the feeling of the ‘schoolness’ of this hair accessory. But they are a great way to keep way to keep your head warm and add a bit of style to a basic look.



A Scarf is a simple way to layer and  keep warm on those chilly days. Be it a soft cashmere or a wool knitted scarf, having a few in different colours will not only keep the cold away but add more dimension to your looks.



Earrings are my favourite choice of accessories when I want to elevate any look. Plus there are so many styles and types to choose from depending on your budget.

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Have a fabulous week!

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