Pink Crush

Hey guys!
Welcome to a fresh week.
To ease you into the next seven days, I will be showing you my most recent sewing project. It is a jumpsuit, my first jumpsuit. I challenged myself to make a colourful piece just in time for my summer vacation. I mixed two materials which were gifted to me by my Mum. I did have a hard time deciding which should be the top & bottom. After several back & forth, I decided to have the plain pink material as the bottom of the jumpsuit and the Kente inspired print as the top.

See the finished jumpsuit below;

P1410586 - pink jumpsuitP1410601 - pink jumpsuitP1410613 - pink jumpsuitP1410623 - pink jumpsuit

Pink tiny cat-eye sunglasses – here
Earrings (similar) – here
Brown sandals (similar) – here
Gold belt (similar) – here

P1410630 - pink jumpsuitP1410636 - pink jumpsuit

Visit my YouTube channel to watch the pattern & sewing tutorials

Photography by Jorge Antunes

Enjoy your week loves!

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