Lady in Lace

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I grew up with the Sun. We usually have a summer-like weather all year round in my home country Nigeria. So naturally, I get a lot happier during the warmer months in the year. With my mood pumped up and beautiful flowers coming into full bloom this month, I thought I’d put together a playful look that could be worn to a variety of events this Spring. Think graduation balls, prom, summer weddings e.t.c I built this outfit around this beautiful black lace mini dress with nude stretchy lining from Boohoo. I picked this dress because of the simplicity of the dress silhouette, the elegance of the lace material and how it sits effortlessly on my full size 10 figure.
*This post is in collaboration with Boohoo

See the full editorial of this Spring ready ensemble below…


P5130027 - lady in lace.jpg

P5130039 - lady in lace.jpg

Black lace dress – here
Black high heel sandals  – here
Earrings – here
Kinky clip-ins hair extension – here

P5130046 - lady in lace.jpg

P5130068 - lady in lace.jpg

Flower bouquet by Farima Perry


P5130069 - lady in lace.jpg

P5130055 - lady in lace.jpg

P5130082 - lady in lace.jpg

P5130104 - lady in lace.jpg

P5130093 - lady in lace.jpg

P5130087 - lady in lace.jpg

P5130077 - lady in lace.jpg

Photography by Jorge Antunes

Enjoy your week loves!

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