Simple Ways To Incorporate Prints Into Your Wardrobe

What’s up guys? Hope you’ve been enjoying Spring so far?
The time to box all our wool, felt & thick garments in exchange for thinner colourful clothing is here! For some however, wearing colour can be very tasking. This is where I come in to help. I naturally enjoy incorporating colours & prints in my outfits therefore I will be sharing simple ways in which you can do so for this season.
Are you ready?




P1290386 - scarf

This my dear friends is the entry level for styling prints. Accessories such as scarves, bags, belts, earrings e.t.c are a fun way to add colour to your looks in small dosage.

Smaller prints

P6040347 - 04 Jun - Run Forest Run


Now that we’ve graduated to intermediate level, select a garment with small print to start out. Smaller prints are generally more flattering on most body shapes, plus they are not as overwhelming as bolder prints.



P1380037 - cropped jumper


I’m down for playful  trims to add personality to outfits. Choose garments with accents of print around the hem of dresses, skirts e.t.c or straps around the sleeve of a simple top, if committing to a full print look is too much.


P1380469 - DIY Waterfall Jacket

P1380164 - diy blazer


Take the dive into the print-verse by adorning a causal look with a vibrant print outerwear. This will immediately add life to any look without trying too hard.

Hope you learnt a few tips from this post that could help you add colour to the wardrobe as the weather gets warmer.

In exciting news, I now have an online shop dedicated to colourful African textiles sourced from Nigeria. The store also aims to donate 10% of its proceeds to The Stand To End Rape Initiative from the month of May to July.
Take a look here

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Valarey says:

    Hi Diva girl
    I love your channel and your life! I never learned to sew but poverty growing up gave me the inspiration to create clothes. The best part of What I have learned so far came from people like you, who have the heart to share the knowledge and gift God blessed you with
    I was always fascinated by the cape design. I’m comfortable creating pieces with a front closure but how would I do a cape in a dress with zippered back
    Plz help


  2. denrencla says:

    Thank you! Just for being clean, clear, and fresh! I love to create and ran across you information over on YouTube! Keep be true to yourself and giving us your best. I am working on my sewing skills. Your work is empowering!


  3. lyne28blog says:

    You’re just too much in the fashion industry. My role model. When I’m lost on ideas I just check on Kim Dave and boom I’m good to go. God bless your handiwork. You’re sooooo goood


  4. lyne28blog says:

    Thank you so much Kim Dave. You’re my inspiration because I’m so new and don’t know much. Any time I’m lost I just go to your videos or website and I’m sorted. God richly bless you. You’ve helped me a lot with your tutorials on youtube. I hope everyone goes there to learn more. Much love


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