Black & Red – Tobi x Kim Dave

I love to play dress-up, who doesn’t. For this post, I put together four looks with the colour theme; Black & Red. I pushed myself to create looks that I would normally not wear or shy away from, but this year I have decided to try out new things…including new clothes & styles. I thank Tobi for challenging my regular style through this collaboration.

I created all four looks with date night in mind (counting down to February 14th ^.-) so they are on the sexy side. However, I wanted to do ‘sexy’ in a tasteful way.

Are you ready???


For the first look, I opted for a maxi black dress with a side slit. It’s one of those dresses that instantly make you feel classy. The party is at the back of this dress though, the criss-cross detail is the cherry on top. This dress is a great choice for a romantic evening dinner at a fancy restaurant, going to see a musical or the opera. Somebody call me an Uber, am I Grammys ready or nah. lol

Outfit Details
Black uptown girl maxi dress here
Red sandals; Similar here or here
Earrings here

P1010119 - kim dave x tobi.jpg

P1010113 - kim dave x tobi.jpg

P1010100 - kim dave x tobi.jpg



Dark Tulle

Break an all black look with a bright accessory like this cute pink square purse. The black mesh dress is originally a skirt I received as a gift last year, but I thought it would also work well as a dress with black jeans & black over the knee boots. Channeling my inner rock chic! This look is perfect for a casual night of cocktails at a laid back spot.

Outfit Details
Black mesh skirt; similar here
Pink purse here
Black jeans here
Black over the knee boots here

P1010128 - kim dave x tobi.jpg

P1010140 - kim dave x tobi.jpg

P1010135 - kim dave x tobi.jpg

P1010130 - kim dave x tobi.jpg

Dangerous Mesh

I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone in look three. I am wearing see-through-mesh! I almost didn’t want to post this look for fear of getting trolled. But, here I am.
I dressed up this mesh bodysuit with a DIY midi skirt, black pumps & black biker jacket. It’s soft, sensual & tough all rolled up in one. This outfit is suitable for a number of occasions, by changing up the bodysuit you can easily wear this look to work or a lunch date.

Outfit Details
Black mesh bodysuit here
Midi skirt – DIY. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here
Black biker jacket here
Black pumps; similar here

P1010037 - kim dave x tobi.jpg

P1010059 - kim dave x tobi.jpg

P1010067 - kim dave x tobi.jpg

P1010072 - kim dave x tobi.jpg

Flare Chic

The main feature of the final look is an old-timer dress I made two years ago. I spiced up the dress with a metal gold belt to add definition to my waist. The dress design is fairly simple, I added the pleated Ankara hem for a hint of colour. To lengthen my legs, I wore these nude heels that matched with the gold belt. This outfit is easy, fun & girly. It’s something I would wear for dinner, drinks or to go dancing with the girls.

Outfit Details
Black dress – DIY
Gold metal belt; similar here
Nude heels; similar here


P1010147 - kim dave x tobi.jpg


Which look is your favourite?

Are you guys feeling my long braids? Shout out to @lovelybraidsuk for dolling me up
Photography by @stoikerty

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Have a fabulous week!

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