MVMT x Kim Dave

Hey Loves! Hope you’re having a fabulous day?
Now when it comes to accessories, I am down for anything that compliments my outfit without doing the most. Some days I can be a minimalist and other days, I wear the most elaborate earrings or sunglasses. I got the chance to collaborate with MVMT. This L.A. based brand got its head start from a crowd funded campaign. Their design aesthetic is millennial proof. Think clean, chic and modern. They create wrist watches and sunglasses for male and female. Funny story is I almost got a watch from them for my fiance’ last Valentines. The only reason I didn’t buy the wrist watch then is because Jorge doesn’t wear any kind of accessory. I wonder how he will cope with our marriage ring?

Now here are the pieces I received from their lovely PR team.

  1. The Rose Gold Jane Wrist Watch

I haven’t had a functioning timepiece for a while, so this came right on time. I found the design to be very elegant. The watch head isn’t too big and the colour is so lovely against my warm skin tone.

P1400259 - mvmt collab.jpg


P1400268 - mvmt collab.jpg

P1400263 - mvmt collab.jpg

Now with Valentine right around the corner, this wrist watch will make a perfect gift for her don’t you think? Shop it here 

2) The Sleek Black Marquee Sunglasses





P1400378 - How to sew a duster coat

P1400400 - how to sew a duster coat.jpg

I’m set up for summer already with these sunglasses. The colour and design compliments my skin & face shape. I usually struggle when it comes to finding the perfect pair of sunglasses. Thank you MVMT ^.^.
Shop the sunglasses here

Photography by @stoikerty

Enjoy free shipping on all orders and use code “priscilliao15” for 15% off your order.
Visit their website to find out more here

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Have a fabulous week!

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