Print For Cooler Days

P1380469 - DIY Waterfall Jacket

I love my Ankara pieces a lot. I enjoy playing around with colours and patterns. But, once it hits Autumn and Winter seasons, it becomes challenging to enjoy Ankara fashion to the max. This is because the material used to make Ankara fabrics is usually cotton, which is not very thick.

Still, the cold weather isn’t going to stop me. In this post, I will be sharing a few outfits to suggest ways you could enjoy your Ankara pieces even during the colder months.

P1380153 - diy blazer
Boot is Up! Add Over-the-knee boots to your outfit to elongate your legs while keeping your legs warm.
Add a neutral long coat. Not only are neutral colours such as beige, grey and tan, sophisticated colours but they secure you more warmth.
Choice Ankara outerwear options. This gives you chance to wear your favourite jacket in print and wear warm garment options (jumpers e.t.c) underneath.
P1360810 - DIY Paperbag Pant.jpg
Instead of skirts and dresses, opt for trousers.
P1380037 - cropped jumper.jpg
Details! Bows or ribbons are ways to incorporate print into your outfit this fall.
P8050118 - Invade my wardrobe.jpg
Accessories. A print scarf is an easy way to add flavour to your look on cool days
take 2
Handbags or Backpacks? This fun backpack made with Ankara & quilted satin is a great way to infuse colour into any outfit.

I hope you found some useful tips and ideas to help you enjoy your Ankara pieces this fall. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please ask below.

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