How I Stay Positive

Happiness is a deliberate, conscious choice. It’s when one decides to focus on the positive opportunities life has offered you as well as recognising the lessons to be learnt in the hard times.

A friend once asked, how do I stay positive all the time? And I laughed and said ‘Really, you think I’m positive all the time’?

Here are five things I do to retain a positive outlook on life despite my status quo. What is my status quo? I aspire to be a successful fashion designer, but I am nowhere near my goal. Let’s say I am still getting educated by LIFE.



The very act of being grateful for what you have right now, creates an aura of content within you. This is not settling for less than what you deserve or strive for. The ability to ‘know’ that there are people with much less than what I have right now, but still lead productive lives with the hope of growth in the future makes me take nothing I have for granted. I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, love in my life and passion in my heart. As basic as these might seem to you and I, there are people who do not know when they will next get a warm meal.

Instead of worrying about all things that aren’t working or all the things that you want to achieve, be grateful for where you are right now while working & praying towards a brighter better path.


P1250138This is a daily battle I fight but when I do win against my phone, I feel like a winner. Praying to me is very personal. Despite my Christian upbringing, my relationship with God is much deeper than what society depicts as the right or wrong way to be a Christian.  Talking to God about everything is Praying to me. I don’t know how else to live. I don’t have to prove to anyone or show anyone what my spiritual journey is. I guess that’s why it is a spiritual thing. Whenever I’m worried, afraid or excited, I literally talk to God about it. And in the undying mercy, He listens. Once I hand over all the things beyond my control to God and rely on the Holy spirit for direction, the worry gradually goes away.



This one right here, I started to do more often since I met Jorge. He enjoys planning every single detail. Once an idea drops, I pen it out or type it on my phone somewhere. On another occasion, I revisit this idea and dissect it into doable sections. These doable sections are organised into timelines if relevant or attributed with resources, financial or my time. The process of breaking down that initial idea into mini chunks with timeline slots and required resources, makes that initial idea easier to bring to life. Planning removes the fear of the unknown. Because through planning, you do research and familiarise yourself with this ‘idea’.



How I love to read. I think I inherited this skill from my Mother. Reading is one way to feed your mind. The mind is a like a muscle, and the more you exercise it through reading good books and meditation, the stronger it becomes.  I am a voracious reader of motivational books as well as great fictional literature. Once I’m hooked on a book, physical or digital, I literally stay glued until I’m done. My favourite author at the moment is Paulo Coelho. His books have a way of challenging my mind. Here are some his books > here amongst which I have read the infamous ‘Alchemist’, the inspiring ‘Fifth Mountain’ and the mentally stimulating ‘Veronica Decides to Die’. Personally, I find that when I read more, I am more thoughtful about everything. I usually look at situations twice or more before making decisions. I am more calm and generally feel a sense of gratitude for my life. My best book to read when I feel a negative thought creeping in is the Word of God, the Bible. I rediscover God’s promises over my life, His undying love and mercy.

Support System


My partner and family are my support system. I am not the kind of girl with a big circle of friends. I also really suck at keeping friends. But believe me when I say that having a few people who get you and support what you is a real blessings. Having good people around you is a gift, because these people make going through life bearable.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today.

I would love to hear what are some of the things you do to retain a positive outlook on life, especially when things are not going so well for you. Please share are tips or suggestions below. Thank you ^.^

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