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Fall has slowly crept back in. Once the weather starts to get cold again, it is an obvious sign that it’s time to dust out all our outerwear. However, I have noticed that whenever I go shopping for clothes, I never seem to find anything that really suits my style. I am quite eccentric style-wise. I like to walk into a room and have everyone stare at what I am wearing…hahaha, vain right! I mean why do I have to spend £50 – £100 on a jacket that I will probably see someone else wearing. I appreciate unique fashion. I guess that’s why I make most of my occasion pieces now.

In one of my recent projects, I made a funky blazer.

P1380152 - diy blazer.jpg

P1380168 - diy blazer.jpg

P1380207-HDR - diy blazer-2.jpg

P1380190 - diy blazer.jpg

P1380193 - diy blazer.jpg

P1380154 - diy blazer.jpg

P1380164 - diy blazer

The blazer design was inspired by a pink wool jacket I made in my second year in fashion school. I used the same pattern but simplified the sleeves.

take 2.jpg


I retained the several panels in the front and back as well as the curved top back piece. See the original design and inspiration here.

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