Birthday in Bournemouth

August 16th this year was spent by the sea in the South of Britain. I visited Bournemouth for the first time in June this year, and I knew I wanted to come back. This small sea-side town is filled with numerous hotels, a University and a few retirement homes. I guess it’s considered home away from home by more people than myself. In this post, I will be sharing more pictures of my outfit of the day. It is a simple off-shoulder Ankara dress.

P8150003 - Birthday Dress.jpg

P8150018 - Birthday Dress.jpg

P8150019 - Birthday Dress.jpg

P8150027 - Birthday Dress.jpg

The dress design is relatively basic because the fabric has a lot of personality to it. I went for a ‘sweet-heart’ neckline and long sleeves with elasticated wrist hem.

P8150032 - Birthday Dress.jpg

P8150111 - Birthday Dress.jpg

P8150053 - Birthday Dress.jpg

P8150046 - Birthday Dress.jpg


I received a lot of positive feedback on this particular dress, someone even called it ‘wicked’. lol. As for accessories, I used warm toned jewellery to go with the warmth of the dress colour. The shoes however are from Shop it here.

Watch the sewing tutorial of this dress below.

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