August is my birthday month! That has me so excited.
I have really gotten into making and customising my clothes in the last few months. My YouTube channel is gradually morphing into a DIY channel, and I’m not complaining at all. My most recent project was changing a pair of old jeans that belonged to my fiance’ into a trendy mini skirt.

P1360599 - DIY Denim Skirt.jpg

P1360604 - DIY Denim Skirt.jpgP1360627 - DIY Denim Skirt.jpgP1360602 - DIY Denim Skirt.jpgP1360648 - DIY Denim Skirt.jpgP1360623 - DIY Denim Skirt.jpgP1360589 - DIY Denim Skirt.jpgP1360657 - DIY Denim Skirt.jpg

Outfit Details
Black bardot top – Joy the store (similar)
Black leather jacket – Zara (similar)
Black Over-the-knee boots – Primark (similar)
Jewellery – Old

P1360606 - DIY Denim Skirt.jpg

For this project, all I needed was the main jean trouser and one yard of black organza. All the other regular tools, I already had. The project is beginner friendly and easy to accomplish. Watch the tutorial below.

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  1. brittanymdrummer says:

    Girl you are def killin it in this. LOOOVE your YT too!!!


    1. Kim Dave says:

      Thanks Brittany 💕💕💕

      Liked by 1 person

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