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Outfit Details
Dress – Custom Kim Dave
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Black sandals – Primark (similar)
Gold Belt – old (similar)
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Saturday last week, I got a last minute invite to attend an event organised by the Block Party Cinema. Coincidentally, I had seen this event on Facebook and was going to get tickets, but they had sold out. Darn!

Luckily, JustPromiseBlog offered me hers less than 16 hours before the event. I was so excited. I quickly did some more research into what the event was all about.
“Celebrating black and multicultural films, Block Party Cinema brings movies, music, and street food together to create a unique, throwback vibe in London pop ups!”


The main attraction of the night was the movie, City of God! From hear say, it’s a brilliant film based on a true story. I love a good film with deep well-told stories. Asides the movie, the event had scheduled in a Brazilian cocktail masterclass and fun Afro-samba dance class . I was in for a great night.

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The venue was the Juju Bar in Brick-lane. I arrived on time to make sure I missed nothing. The first activity I took part in was the cocktail masterclass. The lady teaching mixed and stirred until she came up with a coconut flavoured cocktail which was served in biodegradable bag that tasted tropical & delicious.

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Next up was some samba!!! I love dancing naturally, so I genuinely enjoyed this dance class. The instructors were so much fun and made everyone get into the groove of samba. At some point I was asked to show some ‘African’ dance moves. Trust me, I showed them alright! By the end of the class, I was sweaty and pumped. Who knew samba could be so enjoyable. Then followed a beautiful live acoustic performance of Brazilian music. The singer was so mesmerising.

P7230056 - Block Party Cinema.jpgP7230050 - Block Party Cinema.jpg

To the main course of the event, the movie. Geared with Pop-corn and Ice-cream, we settled into the most comfortable bin-bag seats and took a trip to the City of God. The movie tells the story of drugs, violence and power amongst young Brazilian boys in the not so fancy parts of Brazil.  It was my first time seeing it, and it left such a powerful impact.

“How greed, power and money can destroy lives”.

P7230047 - Block Party Cinema.jpgP7230090 - Block Party Cinema.jpgP7230069 - Block Party Cinema.jpg

I had such a beautiful time at this event. The organizers put in a lot of effort to make the it an experience worth remembering. It’s even more amazing that their events are aimed at celebrating black culture. I look forward to what next they have in the pipes.
Visit their website here to find out more about future events.

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