Cold Shoulder

Hi Beauties!

P5210379 - Cold shoulder dress.jpg
For this post, I will be sharing the outcome of a recent DIY project of mine. It is wedding season this time of year, so I thought it’d be perfect to make a dress that could be possibly worn to a wedding.

P5210348 - Cold shoulder dress.jpg

P5210338 - Cold shoulder dress.jpg

I used three fabrics for this dress. Neoprene, cotton and organza. I used the floral cotton fabric for the upper half of the dress and added white lightweight organza on the sleeves. As for the bottom half, I used black neoprene fabric. This is a stable and thick fabric that doesn’t require lining underneath.

I worked from a size 10 pattern block and adapted it to suit my dress design. As for the sleeves, I decided to make the infamous cold shoulder sleeve.

To photograph this look, I dragged my photographer and now fiance’ to the beautiful Old Royal Naval in Greenwich.

P5210438 - Cold shoulder dress.jpg

P5210386 - Cold shoulder dress.jpg

P5210400 - Cold shoulder dress.jpg

P5210409 - Cold shoulder dress.jpg

P5210367 - Cold shoulder dress.jpg

P5210431 - Cold shoulder dress.jpg

P5210344 - Cold shoulder dress.jpg

P5210429 - Cold shoulder dress.jpg


P5210452 - Cold shoulder dress.jpg

Watch the sewing tutorial below

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Have a beautiful weekend!

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