School’s Out, Now What?


The liberation that comes with finishing a degree is something every student looks forward to. I can personally testify to it. No more classes, projects or deadlines. Pure bliss! I can binge watch all the movies I want. I can wake up late and go to bed whenever I desire. It’s like you are a kid again!

But you know this thing called life will not hesitate to remind you of what is true and real. I guess that’s why it’s life. The show still goes on, this show of life. Finishing school is one stage-set. Soon another called ‘career’ or ‘family’ will roll in, sometimes without asking. So at what point should we get off the comfy couch and continue with life? After a week? A month? The answer to this is different for several individuals. Some people have plans for what they want to do after attaining a degree, whereas others wait on a genie to hand them a shiny lamp with three wishes. And there are those who have an idea of what they would love to do career-wise, but lack direction.

“The fact that you have a degree sets you on a higher pedestal, don’t take that for granted. Recognise how blessed you are…”

I took a conscious break of one month to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. Some things have already be sorted but others will need some serious soul searching and praying to find out. Do I want to keep creating digital content, making dresses to beautify women or possibly chase both? I’m sort of at a cross roads. Does anyone else feel that way at this point of their lives?

Maybe talking to someone will be of help? What I do know is writing about it helps me reflect in some way. It’s like I’m having a conversation with myself. Hopefully soon, I will have a better idea of the direction my career should take…

If you have any advice for me, please leave your thoughts below in the comment section. I will deeply appreciate it.

Thank you.

P5060018 - School's Out.jpg

P5060035 - School's Out.jpg






Outfit Details
White tee – Old (similar)
Black satin slip dress – similar
Blue jeans – Recycled (similar)
Yellow, white and black clutch bag – Parfois (similar)
Black sandals – similar

*This is not a sponsored post

Photography by @stoikerty

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