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This style post has an ironic meaning tied to the title. I created this all grey look with a touch of floral in the skirt and sandals. The skirt is from a project I did at fashion school last year and I’ve gotten a few compliments on the two occasions I’ve worn it.

To the main message behind this look. It is sad to see a situation were someone blows out the candle of a colleague or mate in an attempt to stand-out more. A easy example is talking ill of someone either behind their backs or in front of them because you deem them unfit to be on the same level with you. This is very common amongst ladies. Really sad but true, how can you thrive on causing misfortune for another? Will you have better contrast ( meaning – the state of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association).  if you are the only one with the candle in the room, do you believe you’ll be the best or be alone with your candle? I am no exception, I have had moments of poor judgements and said inappropriate things about a person for reasons I can’t even remember.

May we all be able look beyond ourselves in moments where we are tempted to ‘blow out’ another’s candle. The world is beautiful because it is diverse, the differences makes each one of us unique. Let’s learn to respect that.


P4160032 - Contrast.jpg

P4160027 - Contrast.jpg

P4160035 - Contrast.jpg

P4160083 - Contrast.jpg

P4160110 - Contrast.jpg




Outfit Details
Grey top – similar 
Grey midi skirt – DIY
Leather jacket – similar
Floral sandals – similar

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