Spring Lip Colour Ideas

Hey Beauties!

I’m actually a warm weather kind of girl because I grew up in a tropical country, education and career are what brought me to London. The Sun makes me so happy. As the cold long days gradually shorten, we have to consider preparing ourselves for the blissful sunny days ahead. 
In today’s post, I’ll be showing you four lip colours that’ll appropriate for Spring/Summer seasons 2017. I’m not suggesting you go out shopping for new makeup and lip products (well, you can if you want) but instead hopefully serve as a reminder for those lip products of yours that you’ve forgotten about and will come in handy this Spring. 
Here they are…
Clean Nude

Berry Wise

Pink Pout
IMG_2465 (1)

Citrus Burst
IMG_2468 (1)
Which lip colour is your favourite? 
All the lip colours I used were products I had already in my makeup collection but if you want to give your lips some love and get new lip products here are similar lipstick colours and prices.
Lip products

Thanks for reading my post, I hope you found some inspiration that you could possibly experiment with this Spring. 

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Have a Productive week ahead!

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