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In the pursuit of passion and purpose, one faces the test of will. If you’re privileged to have found what you enjoy doing in life and willing to work hard to build a future from it, congratulations! You’ll be ushered into another dimension of ‘dream-chasing’.

I consider this dimension the distillation of real passion from the shallow pursuits that have no real roots. ‘Nothing good comes easy, or quick. Is your passion art, fashion or mathematics? Be prepared to weather the storm of small beginnings; where you’ll have to do everything yourself and with little or no returns. You will have to stay motivated to keep yourself going.

If you fail to stay motivated or to ‘work smart’, you will watch your passion gradually fade away. Some deadly habits that could lead to this are:


*Lack of self confidence 


All three mentioned above do not come overnight, they grow like weeds in your passion garden. They starve your passion of what it may become. They are the triplet that cripple a lot of independent creatives. These habits can only be faced head on if you are honest with yourself and work towards getting them in check. From personal experience, some steps or tips that helped me through period of laziness, low self confidence and procrastination include:

  1. Re-evaluation

At some point in the past, you were on fire for your ‘said’ passion. However, somewhere along the line you got bored and allowed your precious passion to fade. Think back to the beginning of how you started out and what made you excited about your passion. Did you feel inspired to help others? Did you feel motivated to empower others through your writing, videos or content you made? Try and identify at what point you started to enjoy your passion less. Was it a sore confrontation with someone? Weren’t you impressed with the speed of your progress? Building a career from your passion is a challanging but empowering journey that takes time, hard work and focus. Remember this on days you are haunted by the weeds that starve-out your passion.

2.  Prayer

I am a woman of faith. It is a lifestyle that I chose and has worked for me in all aspects of my life. Whenever I realise that I feel less confident about my future, I speak to God in prayer. I see Him as a friend that cares and is always willing to help, as long as I trust his ways over mine. It is a complex and simple relationship at the same time. Just having the channel to speak to someone helps a long way in helping to resolve issues, how much more a divine being.

3.  Talk to someone

If you would rather speak to a physical being, search for someone who is open, trustworthy and willing to listen to you. Often, these people don’t have to be experts in your field of interest. ”Speaking to a person about a problem has been proven to be more effective than taking medication sometimes.” nhs.uk
Be prepared to be honest with yourself and whoever you’re talking to, this way you will be able to find a solution to your problem.

4.  Make a plan

Once you’ve re-evaluated, prayed or talked to someone and successfully found the source of your creative issues, make a realistic plan. Do not make a ridiculous over the top plan that you would give up on few months down the line. Get a journal if you don’t have one, or create a digital document that you can use to make a weekly plan to help build your passion up again. I am very old fashion in this regard, I prefer using an A4 daily plan and write down daily goals.


  1. Take Action 

Now that you’ve found that problem and made plans towards building your future daily, go ahead and get them done. No one is going to work on your goals aside you. It is your future and you are responsible for it.

It is such lovely weather in London, especially as we’ve come up to Spring. I am open fashion and beauty collaborations with bloggers as well as brands. Kindly contact me via email kimdavedesigns@gmail.com with any requests or questions. Thank you!

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Mesh floral embroided blouse – Boohoo (similar)
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Embellished booties – Sacha (similar options)
Jewelries –  Old

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