Last Minute Gifts For Him -.^ Valentine Edition

Hey Beauties…

If you really know me, then you know I tend to procrastinate sometimes when I want to a lazy bunny. I just leave things till the very last minute and do a crazy marathon to get things done. Hahhahaha…Quite silly if you ask me. Hopefully, this year, there will be a change. -.^

For this post, I have created a quick and helpful list of gifts for him (Boyfriend, Husband or Crush). Most of these are available online. Click the link beneath the photo of the item to go straight to the item’s store.

Gift Cards


Most high street fashion brands have the gift card service in operation. The beauty about gift cards is it gives him the freedom to buy what he actually likes. Find out what brands he loves and get him a gift card for him. If he loves to shop for gadgets or nerdy bits and bots, you can get him an Amazon gift card. Get an Amazon gift card here.

Perfumes or Colognes


I am a sucker for a guy that smells divine. It just intrigues my senses when a man smells good. If he loves to smell nice, buy him his fave perfume or cologne. L’Occitane is a personal favourite of mine. This scent for men is only £42.00. Shop here.

A New Console


If he loves gaming as much as my boyfriend, then he would be really pleased to get a new game for a gift. There are tonnes of new console and games released every year. Whether he is a soccer or a Zelda fan, there is something for everyone. Shop the Nintendo classic mini and more here.

A Cute Jumper


It is still so cold in London, getting him a cozy jumper will help show your desire to keep him warm and snuggly this winter. Shop this cream Orvis roll neck jumper here.

Wrist Watch


A Good sturdy watch also makes a good gift for both guys and girls. Although not everyone is into indulging in timepieces strapped to their wrists. Make an effort to find out what he thinks about wrist watches without giving away your intention to buy one for him as  a gift. Shop more men’s watches here.

A Tie


I recall seeing a movie once in which a woman gifted a neck-tie to her lover and apparently it meant “You are mine”. Lol. If you have such motives or simply just want to give your beau a new tie to add to his stylish or not so stylish collection, consider getting him a stunning new tie. T.M. Lewin has a great range of affordable neckties. Shop them here.

Key Chains


What about a new key chain? This will be your chance to get him something that he will see everyday, in your absence as well. It will be one of the things that he’ll remember you by. If you want to be cuter, get matching his/hers key chains so two of you share a special bond each time you both look at your tokens of love, the key chains.

I have a few new videos up on my YouTube channel.

1) I have a Valentine’s day inspired lookbook with five different outfit ideas

2)I shared how I successfully cleared my acne. The steps and products used.

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