The Ultimate Gift Guide for Her This Christmas

Happy Black Friday! Yassss…

Christmas is in about four weeks, Yikes!
Wait what???? Wow, thats leaves only four Saturdays to go gift shopping!
I know that sounds like you have very little time, especially if you haven’t done any shopping or you have a really long list of loved ones to adorn with presents come December 25th.

Well, you are in luck if you are a guy or girl and you are still not sure what to get for your sister, Aunt, girlfriend, crush, cousin e.t.c You know, all the lovely ladies in your life. To make this post exciting and helpful, I have come up with five categories of women based on their hobbies and suggested gift ideas you could find online or in-store. I do hope, you find it useful as I took my time working on this post for someone out there that might be stuck with gift shopping for her.

Click photo caption for more details.

Girly Girl

She enjoys looking pretty in pastel colours, lip gloss and is super feminine. She takes her appearance very serious. Don’t we all have a little bit of a ‘girly girlness’ in us all? Here are some gift options that might make your ultra feminine friend, relative or loved one very happy for Christmas.

Skinnydip faux fur iPhone case
Jewellery holder stand bird branch

Babybliss gift set


Elemis Best face forward gift set


This girl/lady is far from your classic ‘pretty in pink’ kind of girl. She would trade heels for snickers any day, any time. This doesn’t mean she hates receiving gifts necessarily though, just be careful not to get her a yellow or pink bag with poms-poms. No! Here are some gifts options she might appreciate.




Gift card for her favourite brand



This lovely lady loves to stay on trend all year round. She walks into a room and everyone notices her taste in style and how she makes a statement with fashion. Gifting her with any of these options of Christmas presents will make her super stoked ^.^






Nature Lover

These majestic ladies are one with mother nature. They are all about organic products, healthy diets and saving the planet in whatever way they can. Thrill them with these gift options below.






The Romantic

This beauty has a heart that is filled with so much love for her prince charming, whether she has one or not. She is a huge believer of happy ever afters and cinderella moments. Spoil her with these for Christmas to have her falling for you.

Stained and damaged red admission tickets (XXL)


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