Autumn Girl

Hey there beauty! Long time no blog!

Winter is coming, or better still, is it here already? What I know for certain is we are counting down to Christmas now. Oh yes! The one thing I do love above about the autumn season is how beautiful the fallen leaves look on the ground. The yellow and brown colour of these once green leaves is truly fascinating. Also, the cool temperatures allow me layer several pieces whenever I go out without the fear of sweating to death. lol.

For this post, I decided to style this custom made Kim Dave designs dress before it gets too cold to show leg. *wink* I made this dress last year during the festive season. The dress design is a simple fit and flare silhouette with a front slight opening on the left side and low back neckline. I kept the design very simple because the fabric I used has sequence, lace and two colours to it, I let the fabric do the work!









You too can have your dresses custom made. Get in touch today and we can co-create any garment of your choice to suit your taste and exact body measurements.Simply send an email to me on to get started.

Photography by @stoikerty
eather jacket – Old (similar)
Black shoes – Everything5pounds
Earrings – Parfois
Watch – Swatch

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♕ Have a fab weekend ♕

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