Highlights London Fashion & Design Week 2016

Happy new month!

Long time, no blog! How have you been? I have been trying to balance out my University work with the rest of my life, and it is not the easiest thing to do at the moment. Final year work load is on another level (◕^^◕)

On happier terms, today is the independence day of my home country Nigeria! So, Happy independence to every Nigerian at home or abroad. Naija will be great one day☆

Back to today’s post, to ease my stress-levels I attended two events during the just concluded London fashion and design week 2016. For unavoidable reasons, I missed two shows but there is next season to look forward to. The first event was organised by luxury shoes brand, Malone Souliers. It was an open-to-all outdoor catwalk show which allowed the general public to try out their stunning shoes and walk the runway for all to see.Cool right! This was such a great idea because it gave the opportunity to ‘test-drive’ their shoes before considering purchasing any. I tried a pair of sleek grey mules that are to die for!


Model behaviour ◕‿-

The second event was by Burberry. It was a free promotional treat called the Maker’s house which had various creative activities all under one roof to entertain, inspire and entice any in attendance. There were book binders, sculptors, calligraphy artists and so much more. The most amazing part is the live display of their new collection. The collection was the perfect blend of soft, edgy, romantic with a touch of retro. All pieces are already available for purchase in store!

View full collection here

Watch the highlights below◕‿-。

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♕ Have a lovely week ahead ♕

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