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The label on a product is characterised with what the contents of that product are. The different ingredients used, date of manufacture as well as expiry date. In essence, that product is nothing without it’s label. Sadly, the same method has been used by modern society to measure each other. A person is accessed first on what he/she has physically (their label). Is she fit? Is he handsome? Is she white? Is he rich? All these subsets of the physical label have been created to grade who we are and what we are worth. Is that to say our self worth is based only on what we see??? Let us also remember that as human beings, we have more than the physical. You have internal biological systems that keep you alive and healthy. You also have a personality that is formed over your years on earth. You have a soul that is unseen but also contributes to making you truly unique.

Why then do we decide on who someone is, solely based what we see on the outside? In as much as this is a function of the primal instincts of man, to assess a thing or situation first on what he sees, it doesn’t make it the only and right way deduce who a person or situation is. There is always more than what meets the eye. So please before you post a harsh comment on a picture or discriminate a person, take a moment to step back and find out more before you click send….


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