Striped Denim

With the recent heat wave in London, I find myself less clothing because of the weather. Not because I desire to attract any attention with my fashion choices, but simply because it is so HOT. Temperatures have gotten as high as 31℃. “Not very hot” you might think, especially if you live in a tropical country. This is however really warm for the typical ‘Earl Grey’ London climate. Oh well, I really can’t complain. In a few months, it will get cold again so why not enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.

P7230229 - 23 Jul - Striped Denim

P7230227 - 23 Jul - Striped Denim

P7230222 - 23 Jul - Striped Denim

P7230235 - 23 Jul - Striped Denim

The perfect fabrics to wear this summer are cotton, chiffon, rayon, silk amongst others. They are all breathable fabrics that don’t retain your body heat in comparison to fabrics such as wool, nylon, polyester, viscose e.t.c Be sure to check for the fabric type before purchasing an apparel this summer.

P7230242 - 23 Jul - Striped Denim

P7230247 - 23 Jul - Striped Denim

P7230243 - 23 Jul - collection

P7230215 - 23 Jul - Striped Denim

Outfit Details
Striped silk shirt
Denim skirt
Brown tassel sandals
Choker necklace

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♕Enjoy the rest of your week♕

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. sandra Orokodo says:

    Great work..nice outfit


    1. Kim Dave says:

      Thanks dear 😚


  2. Love this 💜💜 and definitely enjoy the weather while it lasts 😂😂😂


    1. Kim Dave says:

      Yes oh 😄 Thanks boo 😚


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