Eclectic Summer Chokers


Hi there sweetie!

I hope the warm weather of the summer has been kind to you and the month is going great? Over the last few weeks, I have been working behind the scenes of a new addition to my online store. I have designed with the help of a few creative minds a line of colourful, girly and eclectic choker necklaces for women. I am a huge fan of chokers and accessories that stand out without taking over an entire look. I’m so excited to share this new project with you guys. All nine chokers were hand made by yours truly with locally sourced materials.

P7170117 - 17 Jul - Summer Time with Jorge
Illustrations by Fianrisse

The price point is also very modest as I wanted everyone to be able to afford a piece if they wanted one. Watch exclusive behind the scenes giggles from the photo shoot below;

Here they are。 ◕‿◕。Click on the photo for more details….

P7100133 (2) - 10 Jul - Chokers - Blog

P7100181 (2) - 10 Jul - Chokers - Blog

P7100236 - 10 Jul - Chokers - Blog

P7100022 - 10 Jul - Chokers - Blog

P7100084 - 10 Jul - Chokers - Blog

P7100094 - 10 Jul - Chokers - Blog

P7100179 - 10 Jul - Chokers - Blog

P7100063 - 10 Jul - Chokers - Blog

P7100217 - 10 Jul - Chokers - Blog

P7100151 - 10 Jul - Chokers - Blog

P7100156 - 10 Jul - Chokers - Blog

P7100124 - 10 Jul - Chokers - Blog

P7100127 - 10 Jul - Chokers - Blog

Shop these beauties here.

Video shot by @stoikerty
Models – Rebecca and  Liz, thanks ladies for being so supportive. Love y’all long time ◕‿ ◕
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♕Enjoy the rest of your week♕

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  1. This is really nice!!!! 👏🏾💕


    1. Kim Dave says:

      Thanks sweetie ☺️

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