Dress Slimmer?

Isn’t staying fashionable all the time expensive and inconvenient sometimes? Let’s be honest? Today’s post is aimed at highlighting some key fashion pieces you might already have in your wardrobes which might help to dress your body slimmer. These items may or may not work for all body shapes but should be useful if you desire creating a slimmer appearance with your clothes. Read my “Dress to flatter your figure” post to learn about the different female body shapes. Here are five fashion pieces and how they help you dress slimmer…



This one is a no brainier. Belts have been in style for a very long time. There are several types of belts and in every colour imaginable. Check your wardrobe for these fashionable babies and use them to define your waist or hips when wearing a loose fitted outfit. The wider the belt, the thinner the illusion of a waist you’d create.



These come and go out of style very often. A peplum is a small circular cut flared fabric that is usually fitted around the waist area of tops, skirts, dresses, shorts or pants. They flare out from the waist to an imaginary hip-line. This often creates the illusion of a thin waist and broader hips. Talk about fashion magic  ◕‿-

Full Skirts

1240641-11Jul { 6 Dress Shoot Combo }

Just like peplums, full skirts are fitted around the waist and flares outwards to the hemline. Full skirts have been in trend for the longest time. They have been redefined, re-adapted and remodelled over the past years. Just be careful to choose a length that wouldn’t swallow you if you’re a petite girl *^_^*

Dark Colours


Colours such as black, stone grey, navy blue, khaki e.t.c are known to have slimming properties because these colours do not absorb a lot of natural light when worn. If you have a fuller bust-line, try to keep all bright colours, extravagant design details or embellishments to your bottom half and vice versa ◕‿ ◕

High Contrast


In line with playing with colours and design details as mentioned above, you can pair two colours which are complimentary to each other for the top and bottom halves of your body. This way you have the ability to accentuate your best features with brighter or warmer colours while pulling attention from those parts you feel conscious about with the cooler colours. For example, if your have a full bust-line and a smaller hip-line, you can  pair a navy blue top with a red skirt. Through this, people’s attention are immediately drawn to the bright red skirt first instead of your full bust-line. See the colour chart below:



Fun right? I for sure learnt a thing or two when I was doing the research for this post, hope you did too? {。^◕‿◕^。}  Don’t forget to follow the blog to get premium notifications whenever I publish new content, do this simply by dropping your email  at the bottom of the page. I won’t spam you, swear by Dior. Follow me on SnapChat ‘prscyokpan’ for all exclusive behind the scenes shenanigans.

♕Enjoy the rest of your week♕

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  1. Really great tips !!! I need to incorporate them in my next posts. Xx

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    1. Kim Dave says:

      I agree hun. 🙌🏽☺️👌

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