S1 – Pop Of Yellow

Hello My Sweet Pumpkin!

Yes you, you’re my sweet pumpkin for actually opening this post and taking your time to read it. Thank you so much! Summer is here in all of it’s glory and beauty. Isn’t nature wonderful? Aside the obviously better weather in London, I love warm sunny days because it is the perfect excuse to ditch thick jackets and boots! Don’t get me wrong, I love my over-the-knee boots as well as my lush wool coats, but almost nothing compares to the feeling of warm summer breeze against your skin! Pure bliss ^.^

P6040264 - 04 Jun - Pop of yellow

For today’s post, I teamed with my #girlsquad ( Tyfeswardrobe, Doseofbeckx and Jenniferamani ) to create a series of three looks suitable for different summer events. The first look is my take on playful elegance. I styled a white on white ensemble with this yellow oversized cardigan from Boohoo. From the girly lace midi skirt from Aliexpress to the edgy mesh sandals from Missguided and knotted vest, there couldn’t be a sexier way to look fashionable playful in an elegant way! I am so in love chokers this season, they immediately posh-up any look. I am considering creating a line of chokers for my store, what do you think?

P6040277 - 04 Jun - Pop of yellow

P6040275 - 04 Jun - Pop of yellow

P6040234 - 04 Jun - Pop of yellow

P6040239 - 04 Jun - Pop of yellow

P6040242 - 04 Jun - Pop of yellow

P6040203 - 04 Jun - Pop of yellow

Stay tuned for the remaining two looks in future posts 😉

Photography by Rebecca Jalloh of Doseofbeckx and Bolu Oke of Tyfeswardrobe.

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Have a funtabulous weekend!

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