Dear Black Girl

Dear Black Girl,

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Across the seven seas, deserts, mountains,  and in every continent of Earth. I hope this article meets you at a good time. Whether you’re five or fifty-five, I pray there is a part of this piece of writing that you can relate to, learn from and take in for your betterment some how. How is your family? Do you still share meals in joy? I hope even after every argument, you guys some how find the courage to make up no matter what the issues are. They say blood is thicker than water, that age old adage is so true even in this 21st century. No matter what have transpired between members of your family, try not to hold on to that wrong doing forever. A time would come when you would wish you had forgiven that err.

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Let’s talk about ourselves for a bit, okay? Hope that didn’t come across as conceited?! How are you really doing? Studies going well? Has you business picked up yet? Have you managed to balance out your time between work, friends, family and God? One thing I want to remind you of is the fact that you have the power to shape your future. No one except the God above has the ability to define who are. Society might dictate what we should and shouldn’t do, but who you really are is solely who choose to see yourself as. Would you continue to give others the power to decide who you are or would you take that power back and make the choice yourself. If only you knew what you’re truly capable of, you would be amazed. If you could see the endless possibilities you could achieve, you’d be dazed in awe. You were born with fire and gold in your eyes, hair that grows again gravity, skin that glows and hearts so strong that even the Heavens know it.

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We are all in this race called life. We should look out for each other. Supporting one another doesn’t make you weak or foolish, it only spurs us on to reach our goals even quicker. Don’t hate on a sister or brother because you think they are doing  better than you. You’ll only end up getting consumed by envy, that ugly monster that never gets satisfied until it eats you up completely. Instead, find out how they achieved their success. Reach out to these successful people and seek advice, guidance or direction if need be. If they don’t want to help, find someone else who will. As long you truly desire to learn, someone would be there to teach you.

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If you’re fortunate to be on a bright path filled with peace, wealth and happiness, do not keep them to yourself. Death to self or selflessness is a rare quality in this generation. Try to use the talents, gifts and opportunities you’ve been blessed with to support, encourage and help those around you.

Priscillia Okpan

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Outfit Details

The Benue maxi dress – Kim Dave
White faux fur jacket – Wish
Brown sandals – Lauok Africa
Deirdre cat eye sunglasses – Glassesshop
Floral Hair pins – Similar
Jewelry – old

Photography by the ever amazing @stoikerty

Enjoy the new week dear!

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  1. loveth fredrick says:

    it is cool
    I like it


  2. Louisa Moje says:

    Such a lovely post. And your outfit is stunning. Love everything about it!



    1. Kim Dave says:

      Thanks sweetheart 😚


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