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Happy Sunday Beauties!

P1310192 - 01 Apr - Waterfall Jacket

April has been a lovely month so far even though we are just ten days in. I successfully launched my online store here and the response has been so positive. I am so grateful for the support and love from you guys. May good fortune always find you wherever you are!
I owe my success story to you. Thank you very much.

P1310265 - 01 Apr - Waterfall Jacket

In today’s post, I will be talking about something that has aided me in this journey of inspiring women through words and clothes. It is Consistency!

Consistency – of Latin origin, consistentia.
Noun, meaning ( according to the Cambridge dictionary ) it is the quality of always behaving or performing in a similar way, or of always happening in a similar way.

This is an idea that I have slowly learnt and appreciated in the last 12 months. You might have just started a new job, project, business, blog, course etc., one factor that is necessary to ensure longevity and excellence in your field of interest is the ability to produce or create a certain standard of work over and over again. It can be very challenging, especially at the onset of something new. It takes some time to get used to. Here are three effects consistency will have on your career.

P1310271 - 01 Apr - Waterfall Jacket

  • Firstly, when you constantly produce high-quality content or product, people will grow to appreciate your work and eventually take you seriously. That is a fact! It’s like planting a seed and providing it with all it needs to grow. With all favourable conditions in place, it is only a matter of time before the seed starts to grow into an actual plant.
  • Secondly, it will become a habit. One way in which habits grow is from repeating an action over and over again. Once you have disciplined yourself to only create high-quality content, you will come to realize that after a while you do not want to fall beneath the bar you have set for yourself. If it doesn’t suit your standard, don’t put it out there. Quality is better than quantity.
  • Finally, your value starts to increase. With people taking you more seriously, listening to what you have to say and acknowledging your work, your ‘worth’ will slowly but surely rise. Even nature obeys the laws of growth. Like the example of the growing plant I mentioned earlier on, progress and increase locates all that ‘sow’ in and out of season without tiring.

P1310237-HDR - 01 Apr - Waterfall Jacket

Consistency is one of many aspects that contribute to growth. Focus, diligence, tenacity and a host of others are just as important. However, I believe being consistent shouldn’t be underestimated in your career. Do you agree with me? Let’s talk some more, leave a comment below.

P1310221 - 01 Apr - Waterfall Jacket.jpg

Outfit Details
Print jacket – Kim Dave Store
Denim shirt – Old, similar here
White vest – Old, similar here 
Brown belt – Primark
Blue jeans – Old, similar here
Embellished ankle boots – Sacha
Tan Canvas Bag – Zaeem Jamal
Gold necklace – Nadia Minkoff
Earrings, Ring & Bangles – old

P1310286 - 01 Apr - Waterfall Jacket

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P1310336 - 01 Apr - Waterfall Jacket

Thank you @stoikerty for the amazing pictures.

Have a beautiful week ahead!

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Louisa Moje says:

    Such a lovely and inspiring post. Consistency is definitely one area I have been fighting with. Your store is amazing and your bootie is banging!


    1. Kim Dave says:

      @Louisa Moje I struggle with being consistent myself so I understand you fully. 🙈 Taking the necessary steps to be better at it! Oh you’ve seen my store. Yayyyyy. I’m happy you like it, I will be adding more products with time and improving the store along the way too 😊


  2. IMAN says:

    I absolutely agree. I am quite impulsive and spontaneous, and I always had a hard time trying to be consistent. This is definitely something I am working on, especially regarding my blog!
    Also, how bomb is that jacket of yours?

    Much love xx

    Iman @ Manigazer


    1. Kim Dave says:

      @Iman Thanks dear. I am very happy you found this post useful 😊


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