Hello Dreamer

Dear dreamer, friend, purpose finder, goal chaser, fighter…

How are you?
Really, how’s everything going?
Are you still writing that book? Are you still doing that part-time job to pay your bills because no one believes in what you do? Do you still cry in the shower sometimes when it gets really difficult? Do you still eat once a day to save money for that new machine? Do you still feel depressed after speaking with your parents who keep reminding you of the fact that you’re not getting younger & you need to support yourself? Do you still wake up at midnight because you couldn’t shut the demons in your head. They keep reminding you of your reality. They never fail to whisper the fact that you are no where near your goal. I wonder where these demons come from? Are they a compilation of all the times you were told you weren’t good enough? Are they relics of past failures? Are they by products of every time you’ve failed?

Worrying doesn’t seem to drive them away. They thrive in depression and sadness. They feed on your doubt. But do these invisible demons define who you are? Do they shape your future? They found home in your head because of what people said to you or as a result of past disappointing situations.

The one thing we learn late in life is the ability to turn misfortune and negativity into motivation to fuel our lives, relationships or careers positively. Life will always throw all sorts of things our way. It’ll never go easy on us. No one is spared; man, woman and child alike. I only started coming to terms with this concept and boy has it been a real struggle. I mean, it is so easy to throw in the towel and quit but it takes a very strong person to keep going even when the odds are against them.

In all I have written so far, the one thing I pray you take away is that you ‘learn how to turn those ‘ugly’ moments into ladders that will spur you on’. Watch this Ted talk by Lizzie Velasquez. It is the most simple but yet powerful talk I have seen in recent times.

She talked about how she managed to succeed in life despite having a syndrome that doesn’t allow her to add weight. Amazing!

If you are in a bad spot right now and it seems like everything is in a stand still, my message to you today is to search deep within and intentionally choose what you want to be; a failure or a woman/man who weathered the ‘storms of life’ and emerged a winner!

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Have a fab weekend ahead!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tracy Makaraba says:

    Kim this was very inspiring 🙂
    Good job



    1. Kim Dave says:

      @Tracy Makaraba Thanks sweetie, I’m happy you enjoyed it!


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