Zaeem Jamal SS16 Collection Launch

Hello Beauties!

How are you doing? Fabulous I suppose? I was fortunate enough to be part of Zaeem Jamal‘s Spring Summer 2016 launch in London.


I honestly had not heard about this brand until I received the invitation courtesy of Cirqle for the launch of their new collection. Cirqle is an online platform that connects brands with bloggers and vice versa. If you are a blogger and you seek to work with fashion & lifestyle brands, Cirqle has you covered.

Zaeem Jamal is a luxury fashion company with British roots. This self named brand was founded by Zaeem Jamal in 2012 and since then has graced international fashion events, red carpets as well as  prestigious magazines. Effortless elegance, that’s the aura their evening wear, bridal and ready to wear pieces exude once spotted on a person. From gorgeous fluid dresses that make you want to move, to beautifully crafted accessories, this brand is one to watch now and in the future. The new collection was inspired by ancient Greek women hence the name “Greek collection”. The creative director (Zaeem Jamal) took a trip to the Greece to experience the richness himself which he poured into the new collection. The design details of the collection comprised of intricate bead work, embroidery, pleats and knotted sections on the sleeves. Aesthetic wise, the garments had very flattering features such as; empire waist-lines which resemble those on the dresses of ancient Greek queens, asymmetric hemlines and bright uplifting colours. The collection had it all. Outfits suitable for black tie events, some perfect for a summer yacht party and others that could be dressed down and possibly worn with a pair of jeans.

As a girl from a warm country, I immediately connected to this collection because all the outfits were so colourful and fluid. It reminded me so much of home! Another amazing part about the collection launch was the fact that the models danced down the catwalk! This not only allowed the garments to move but it made the fashion show very enjoyable to watch. Something you rarely see at catwalk shows!

Here are some pictures from the event:

P1310063 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch

P1310060 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch

P1300931 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch

P1300924 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch

P1300929 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch

P1300935 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch

P1300938 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch
Founder, Zaeem Jamal

P1300940 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch

P1300947 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch

P1300951 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch

P1300984 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch

P1300961 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch

P1300992 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch

P1310012 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch

P1310026 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch

P1310019 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch

P1310036 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch

P1310050 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch
They let me try on this beautiful dress!
P1310066 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch
Line up of all the bloggers in attendance & Zaeem Jamal
P1300926 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch
Light Refreshments

I opted for a fun semi-formal look.

P1300918 - 16 Mar - Jamal Launch

Outfit Details
Sweet heart necklace – Hazel + Kent
Silver watch – Swatch
Burgundy dress – Thrifted
Burgundy bag – Old
Pink suede sandals – Missguided
Denim jacket – Miss Sixty

I vlogged the entire event on YouTube. Watch it below.

It was a private and laid back event. The Zaeem Jamal team were such good fun! I hope to work with them again soon. Thanks for having me!

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Have a fab weekend ahead!

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  1. Louisa Moje says:

    This brand has so many stunning pieces. The red dress you tried on is so breathtaking! Keep up the good work hun!



    1. Kim Dave says:

      Thanks sweetie! I thinks so too, their dresses are really lovely. 😊


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