We are Pack of Cards

Hello Beauties!

Happy Mother’s day.

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We’re products of the people and circumstances in our lives. Right from birth, we’ve been gradually shaped by the personalities of our parents and guardians. The way we perceive people, how friendly or unfriendly we become, how respectful or disrespectful, how patient, how loving, kind and passionate. All of these character traits that we exude in life are a by-product of the influence of the people in our lives, either directly or indirectly. Imagine you were born alone. No parents or fellow humans to communicate with, you just appeared on a blank planet all by yourself. You’ll probably be mute because there would be no one to talk to. You wouldn’t have to bother about appearance because you would not consider it important. You would wander around in your undiluted humanness. You would not think about success, poverty, war, sickness or even sexuality. You would be nothing.

With this said, we’re constantly adjusting & absorbing sides and parts into our jar of identity. You’re a child because you have parents who identified you as one. You’re black because your parents said so to you. You’re a female because people around you pointed it out to you. You’re in your career of choice because your tutor in high school or college recommended your amazingness in a particular subject area. You’re a lover because that man expressed his romantic feelings towards you. You’re confident because your friends say you are. Really, how would you know you are confident if there is no one around. In essence, who we are to a large extent is a result of what our surroundings (people) have molded us into.

So at what point in our lives do we actually deliberately choose identities? Even as adults, we’re still influenced or impacted by our families, jobs, relationships and living situations to pick up identity pieces which are incorporated into our personalities. Through this, we become a pack of cards made up of aces from our parents, spades from our friends and hearts from our lovers.

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