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Hey there!

Last weekend I asked you guys on Instagram to ask questions about me and as promised  I’ll be answering all your questions today. Some of your questions though made me laugh!
But, I try to keep to my words as much as possible. From Facebook to Instagram,

Let’s get to it then…


  • Osasere Jerry Ugiagbe asked “who was your first crush in school?

 In University, I had an insane crush on this guy that attended the same Church as me. We became friends later on but nothing serious happened.

  •  Jaysonrongue asked “How old are you?

I’m 25 years

  •  Prisqu3 asked “What’s your aspiration in life?

Ultimately, I aim to inspire women to look their best, have control over their lives and possess hearts of gold.

  •  Habib asked  “Why blog?
    Who is your style icon?
    Where does creative influence come from, and when did you start designing?
    How would describe your fashion and style?
    When are you launching your brand/label?

I started blogging because I wanted a medium to express myself. I just wanted to write. I never thought anyone would read what I wrote. The blog has changed over the last few years from a personal journal to a lifestyle blog that I’m proud of, it can only get better. My style icon has to be Micah Gianneli. She is a Sydney based style blogger.

Image by Micah Gianneli and Jesse Maricic –

My creative influence comes from people, situations and things around me. I’d say my style is very ‘dressed-up’ and colourful. I like to express myself and I love the power fashion and beauty gives me to say things without saying a word.


I launched my clothing business in 2014 and it was a made-to-measure service based in Lagos, Nigeria. See my business Instagram here. Since I came to London about a year ago, I have had to pause my bespoke tailoring for a while but I’m currently working on a new summer capsule collection that should be released in March.

P1300315 - 19 Feb - blogger hangout

  •  Edvickda asked “Your first kiss ever? Who was that? How did you feel about it?

Hmmm, it was with my first boyfriend ( he knows himself ). It was kind of awkward because  I didn’t know what a kiss was supposed to feel like.

  •  Nattygetyourgun asked “What’s the one style trend you absolutely can’t stand and why?

Sheer fashion! Come on, what’s so bad in wearing a bra or vest beneath your top or dress?

Sheer fashion from London Fashion week London Business Times
  •  Cutelypetite asked “When are you coming home?

I don’t know for now, maybe for Christmas. I can’t make any promises.

  •  Thriveafricangirl asked “What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
    What is your indulgence – what you do to spoil yourself?

Focus! Consciously choose something you love and pour your heart into it. The laws of nature have no other choice than to yield ‘fruits’ after some time. I watch Korean drama when I have free time.


I also love to go shopping ~~Wink~~ Who doesn’t?

  • Getitmade asked “What made you utilize your talent hot shot?

My friends and family. They pushed me to continue to share written and photographic content. They believed in me and that helped me believe in myself.

Thanks for all your lovely questions. It felt like I was being interviewed by you guys, Lol. You can still ask more questions in the comment section below.

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Special thanks to @stoikerty for the pretty pictures.

Enjoy your weekend!

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