Jewelry 101; Dainty Necklaces

Hello My darlings!

So who still hasn’t gotten a gift for bae? I see you, yes you covering your eyes. Lol. Well, you’re not alone…’In Micheal Jackson’s voice’.
You can read my gift guide for him/her if you need a little help getting those last minute presents for your loved one.

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Last year, I made a blog post about statement jewelry and you guys liked it a lot. If you did, today’s post is another variation of that post. I’ll be showcasing dainty necklaces this time around. For those of you that prefer delicate and feminine necklaces, I hope you’ll find today’s post enjoyable. If you’re a guy reading this post, any of these necklaces will make lovely presents for the special lady in your life .However, if you’re a lady, some of these necklaces will make good gifts for those special girls (Mum, Sister, Friend e.t.c.) you’re blessed with. Still, if you want to treat yourself this love season, why not. You’re precious too! Plus the pieces I used in today’s post are super affordable. I’ve linked all the necklaces shown below if you desire more details about them.

Let’s get started…

Golden Infinity

P1300184 - Dainty Jewellery
The pendant on this necklace is the infinity symbol. How sweet will that be as a present for a long time friend or partner. The tiny chain makes the necklace simple and chic. Found this dainty necklace here.

Pink Heart

P1300193 - Dainty Jewellery
This pendant is slightly more romantic. Sweep her off her feet with a necklace that has your ‘heart’ on it. The slim silver chain sparkles quite brightly combined with the pink stone in the middle of the heart shaped pendant, this creates a very soft girly aura about this necklace. It’s quite a beautiful piece. I got it courtesy of Hazel + Kent, thanks guys! See it here.

Pearl Drop

P1300185 - Dainty Jewellery
This is a more elegant piece. The oblong shaped pearl pendant drops slightly into the decolletage area, which makes the chest even more appealing to look at. This was a gift from almost a year ago and it still looks really good. The silver chain has slender and flatter parts joined by a tiny ball. This makes the feel of the necklace against the necklace quite smooth. Find a similar necklace here.

Double Silver

P1300192 - Dainty Jewellery
Very modern, versatile and contemporary, this two step necklace is a lovely one. I always receive compliments whenever I wear this necklace. It’ll make an excellent present for a more platonic friend. Find a similar necklace here.

Inspired by any of the necklaces above? Which is your favourite? I’m all ears to your comments, recommendations and suggestions.

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Special thanks to @stoikerty for the stunning pictures.

Enjoy your week ahead hun!

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