Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him & Her

Happy New Month!

We’re more than 30 days into 2016 already, how quick did January go by? With February comes one of my favourite calendar dates, the 14th, Valentine’s day.


February 14th represents love for me. Not just love between romantic partners, but love shown between parents and children, siblings, class mates, workmates e.t.c. It’s the perfect excuse to exchange presents, go out with friends and hang out with acquaintances. Today’s post is aimed at suggesting gifts for him ( Husband, Boyfriend, Crush) and her ( Wife, Girlfriend, Crush). I have also included links for the different items shown in the photo collage below. Hopefully, there’ll be something for everyone below;

For Him

Valentine's gift guide for him

  1. Get him a personalized cake from Bakerdays at an affordable price.
  2. If he has a camera and no camera bag, getting him one will be a great idea like this silver and black one from Thinkgeek.
  3. A nice knitted sweater will come in handy this month as it’s still quite chilly in London. Find some options here.
  4. A scarf to compliment his favourite jacket would be awesome too, like this tartan cashmere one from Barbour. This’ll be a suitable gift as well for a trendy and fashionable guy.
  5. If he’s a music gadget lover, this Sennheiser MM 30i Headphones will make a superb gift.
  6. A good belt is almost a necessity for all men and women, if he doesn’t have one yet and you two are open to receive pricey presents, getting him one like this black belt from Hugo-boss will be awesome.
  7. Another fabulous gift for a stylish guy is this MVMT [WHITE/BLACK TAN LEATHER] high quality minimalist watch.
  8. A good book; thriller, inspirational, misery, romance e.t.c. will make a book nerd happy for Valentine.
  9. A fantastic mini coffee maker like this Aeropress coffee maker is yet again another gift that’ll be appreciated by the kind of guy that loves his coffee made fresh.
  10. A bottle of wine will be a perfect compliment to that intimate Valentine dinner between you two. Find some options here.

You could also make a small hamper of two or more of the gift ideas mentioned above if you want. Another thrilling idea is to book a spa and pamper day for him either on Valentine’s day or any other day of your choice.

For Her


Valentine's Gift Guide for her

  1. This Murad Gift set will make a good gift for the kind of girl that’s into beauty and skincare.
  2. An exfoliating brush like this Bareface Magnitone brush will get her thrilled if she’s into make-up and looking her best.
  3. What to spoil her a bit? If she loves jewellery, a necklace and earrings set will do the trick. See a similar set here.
  4. From satchels to totes, every woman has a bag of some form. This navy blue boxy tote by Kurt Geiger is such a stunner.
  5. As long as you live in London, having a pair of trainers or comfortable shoes is a must. Get her a pair if she doesn’t have any yet, like this blue Nike pair.
  6. Keep her cosy and warm this February in a cute cable knit jumper, find some options here .
  7. These in-house slippers are so comfy! I absolutely love how soft they feel and they keep your feet warm on cold days. I highly recommend a similar pair from any of the options here.
  8. If she’s into perfumes or wants one but can’t afford one, getting her a perfume gift set will surely make her happy. Like this YSL Black Opium set
  9. If she’s a make-up junkie, this Estee Lauder Pure colour sculpting lipsticks will get her really excited. They are available in an array of colours.
  10. Most girls I know love scented candles, just be sure she likes them before getting it for her so your gift doesn’t go to waste. Jo Molone is known for making incredible scented candles.

Ready to hit the shops yet? The earlier the better. I hope you found some good gift inspirations today. Valentine’s day is exactly 9 days from today, so don’t wait till last minute! Have you gone gift shopping, I’ll love to know what you got and any good recommendations that I failed to mention today will be happily welcomed below.

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Enjoy your weekend hun!

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