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The inspiration for today’s post came from working with a popular denim store in London as well as your response to the “Dress to flatter your figure” post I did last year. Still, I’m not a professional stylist or jean expert, I’m just sharing my experience. Finding the right pair of jeans, in terms of colour and style, can be compared to finding a life partner sometimes. This is because our bodies are different and unique to us. No matter how hard retail brands try to produce diverse styles and cuts of jeans trousers, the different female body types are almost infinite!  For the sake of today’s post, I’ll be discussing the perfect fit of jeans for the five main body types.

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These names are attributed to these body types as a result of the lower and upper proportions.

  • Apple or Diamond shaped women carry most of their weight on the middle part of their body, the stomach.
  • Pear shaped women on the other hand have a fuller lower body, the hips and butt.
  • Inverted Triangle or Cone shaped women usually have broad shoulders and a narrow lower half.
  • Rectangular or Boxy shaped women have a straight figure from their chest all the way to their hip-line.
  • Hour Glass shaped women have both full bust and hip-lines.

Now let’s get to the fit, colour and style of different pairs of jeans that’ll flatter each body type. Yes?

Apple or Diamond Shape
These group of ladies carry most of their weight in their tummy area but have slender legs. The aim will be to find a pair of jeans that’ll elongate your mid-region and show off your asset, your legs! Go for mid-rise or high-rise jeans that’ll help tuck in your belly to create the illusion of a flat tummy. Avoid jeans that have large buttons in front or over-the-top details. Instead, try on a clean straight cut pair that have stretch in them. This will make wearing them even more comfortable. Check out these simple medium wash blue pair from La Redoute for only £15.60. Bargain!


Pear Shape
Since you have a tiny waist and a wider hip-line, your goal should be to flaunt your slim waist. Go for a pair of jeans that’ll fit your waist and flare out from around your thighs or knees. Through this, you’ll balance your shape. High waisted boot-cut and 70’s inspired jeans will suit you so well because the wider leg opening will not only pull attention from your hip-line but also make your legs seem longer especially darker washes of jeans. Check out this clean dark wash pair from Asos for £10.50. Nice!


Cone or Inverted Triangle Shape
This boyish body shape usually have slender waist and hips but broader shoulders. To pull attention downwards, look for jeans with design details and pockets on the front & back. Try on a mid or high rise pair of jeans in a lighter wash to draw the eyes to your waist and hip area. Don’t be afraid to try on ‘distressed‘ jeans as well, this feature will work in your favour to balance out your shape. Like this light blue pair by River Island on Asos for £42.00

image1xxl (1)

Rectangular or Boxy Shape
Straight from bust to hip-line, this athletic shape can wear almost all fits of jeans and get away with it. Like the cone shaped figure, your aim should be to balance out your slender torso and hip-line region. Go for jeans with pockets and design details in the front & back, this will create the illusion of curves on your bottom half. Low to mid-rise jeans are ideal for your shape. Try on a skinny pair with slight wash on the thigh & knee areas, this will call more attention to your bottom half. A boyfriend fit is another great style of jeans that’ll suit you because the loose nature of the jeans will create shape around your hip-line. Check out this blue boyfriend pair from Asos for £22

image1xxl (3)

Hourglass Shape
Tiny waist, wide bust and hip-line. Since you have those curves, don’t shy away from showing them off. There are a few options to try out. Straight cuts will elongate your legs and balance your figure. You can also try baby boot-cuts (also known as kick-flare jeans) that cling to your curvy silhouette and flare out slightly from your calf, this will make your legs appear slimmer especially when worn with heels. If you want a pair that’ll shape you and conceal problem areas, go for a heavy weight dark wash pair of jeans. Check out this dark blue pair by Hudson for $179 (approximately £123).


I hope you found today’s style tips on finding the perfect pair of jeans useful . I understand the struggle of searching for the right pair of jeans. I’m a mix of cone and hour-glass shapes, so finding jeans that fit me was quite difficult especially because I’m not a tall girl. However, I found this amazing pair from American Eagle Outfitters that fits in all right places.


This is another brand popular for having jeans fits in short, regular, long and extra long lengths.  Cool right!

Have you found your perfect pair yet? Don’t be shy and share your jeans struggle story. Remember to like and follow the blog down below as well.
Have a fun weekend ahead beauties!

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