Change Is Good

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
It takes one flame to start a fire.
A seed to grow a tree.
One decision to change.
Just One.


With every New Year, we almost always make resolutions. Old habits we want to do away with, excess weight we want to loose, meeting someone new or even starting your own business e.t.c. However, for some of us these resolutions only last a week. So the aim of today’s post to inspire you and myself to work towards achieving these goals we’ve set for ourselves. I have to mention reading the book ‘Awaken The Giant Within‘ by Anthony Robbins has definitely helped spur my mind in the positive direction of consistent self improvement. It is a powerful and insightful book, if you want to read something that’ll challenge you psychologically, emotionally and financially, this is a good recommendation.

First and foremost, if you haven’t already, identify areas that you want to change. Clearly pinpoint what you want to be different. Through this there will be something on your plate to work on. Only you can identify what thing, person or situation upsets that you, because no one truly gets you like YOU do. If you are having difficulty identifying what you’d like to change, talk to a trusted friend or family member who will be honest and unbiased in their opinions. Personally, I constantly aim to improve the quality of my life because I know if I set all the wheels of change in motion, I can only get better.

find the whyy
Now that we have picked out areas in your life where you desire a change, find the why. Everyone desires to be better, well almost everyone, but why do you want a better job or a healthier body, or to save more? Let’s make this more practical. Draw a table, write down all you want to change in your life in the first column and on the next column write the consequences that would occur if you don’t make the necessary change. There and then, you see the reality of what could befall you if you refuse to make the needed change. Now, sit and mediate over it. I drew up a table of this nature recently and I had cold chills when I realized what was at stake if I didn’t make a tough positive adjustment in my life.

find your centree
The Earth has a core that keeps it in one piece. Your centre is that solid conviction that’ll sustain the ‘why’ when it gets challenging.  Your centre can be compared to the deep roots of a tree. Without roots, a tree wouldn’t survive long. There’ll be days when it will seem like nothing works and you just want to give up. That deep seated conviction is what will keep you going. Trust me! Your chosen path can be a lonely one sometimes because not everyone might understand your vision the way you do. In the last few weeks, I’m fortunate to have recognized that;  Your Centre = A Deep Seated Conviction. Could your centre be to  make a difference in the world? To inspire people? To help children? To teach young minds?

Does it make any sense? My centre is to prove to women that you can do whatever you set your mind on. Fashion and beauty are my tools to realize that dream. Race, age, gender and social status are labels society has created to restrict our minds from exploring possibilities.

Now let me tie together the three points I’ve discussed so far;
I desire growth in my business ( Clothing line and blog) – Identified
Because I want to create wealth for myself and relieve my parents of financial strain – The Why
I want to prove to every woman that you can achieve what you set your heart on – My Centre

If today’s post inspired just one person, I’ll die a happy woman..LOL.
With that said, do you agree with the points I mentioned?
What change do you seek? Why do you want it? Have you discovered your centre yet?
Let me know in the comment section below.
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Have a fabulous week ahead!

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