Jewelry 101, Statement Necklaces

Happy New week to y’all.
Today, we are talking everything jewelry with special focus on statement necklaces. Since we’ll be attending a few Christmas and New Year events, accessories that compliment your outfit should be considered as well. The awesome thing about statement necklaces is that you don’t need to do much once you have them on, they do all the work for you style-wise.

image (2).jpeg
The five statement necklaces I’ll showcasing today are for five different types of looks for the upcoming events ahead.

P1270755 - 14 Dec - Jewelery 101
This necklace would compliment a simple and clean look because it has a lot of detailing to it. The stones and beads speak volumes of how daring your style is. Pair this necklace with a floor length gown or dress of your choice, add on simple accessories and an up-do for that superb regal finish.  I received this beautiful hand crafted necklace as an early Christmas gift from Sarah Victoria, CEO Scouting for Pearls. I was blown away by how stunning and professionally finished it was when she sent it to me. Thanks Sarah!

P1270762 - 14 Dec - Jewelery 101
This necklace is a more classy piece which still has that luxurious feel to it. Give any simple dress a style boost by adding this piece. It’ll take you from girl-next-door to classy and chic in less than a minute. This necklace will go well with your hair down or swept sideways and matching accessories. I got this necklace almost a year and a half ago when I was back in Nigeria. Find a similar piece here

P1270764 - 14 Dec - Jewelery 101
Almost nothing else speaks elegance like a line of pearls or clear beads. You ooze sophistication with this necklace on. It’ll be perfect for those black tie events where you’ll love to stand out. Pair this necklace with minimalist matching accessories and you can have your hair up or down depending on your dress. This necklace actually had three layers to it but I cut out the two shorter inner layers to leave behind the last layer with slightly bigger beads. Find a similar piece here

P1270771 - 14 Dec - Jewelery 101
For the truly quirky and bold fashion divas, this piece should speak to your style needs. This necklace is for a more casual look that’ll you like to give a little edge. Pair with a white shirt and denim trousers for a relaxed yet trendy look, this is a great outfit combination for a casual afternoon event. Don’t forget to add complimentary accessories for a fashionable and peculiar finish. Find a similar piece here or here

P1270766 - 14 Dec - Jewelery 101
Now this necklace has African print fabric stringed through it. It gives a unique touch to any outfit you pair it with. I’m a big appreciator of African fashion for obvious reasons. This necklace has a fresh, modern twist to it because of the chain and print fabric combination. Pair with your simple outfits, be it casual or classy, for a metropolitan look. This necklace was made by my younger sister, LadyLaouk. She produces footwear and accessories for ladies & gents.

Many thanks to @Stoikerty for the beautiful images above. Feel more party ready? Hope today’s post will be useful to you when it’s time to dress up for the parties on your list.
Have a fabulous week beauties.

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