Winter Essentials Below £39(Beauty Edition)

Happy Sunday Beauties!

Winter is finally here! Who’s excited? Well I’m more excited about the fact that Christmas is less than a month away!

Today’s post is all about beauty products I believe are super important during the cold winter months. The one challenge that comes with winter aside the cold, is how dry and ashy your skin becomes because of the low temperatures. I’ve linked all products shown below at the end of the post.

WINTER essentials

Let’s get started ladies!

These babies become ‘holy-grail’ products during cold days. They keep your skin hydrated, soft and young looking. Most moisturizers contain lightweight oils, like acetyl alcohol, or silicone-derived ingredients, such as cyclomethicone which are non-greasy and helps keep the skin well hydrated. Currently, I’m using the milk concentrate moisturizer by L’occitane and it has been so lovely on my skin.  It keeps my skin moisturized for up to 48 hours!

Facial Night Cream
You know that dry stiff feeling you have after a night’s bath. A good night cream that agrees with your skin type gets rid of that feeling. Night creams also work into your face skin tissues and repairs damaged cells. At the moment I’m using Nivea Rejuvenating night cream with Hydra IQ.  This keeps my face moist and healthy all night.

Hand Cream
Have a small hand cream in your bag and use whenever you wash your hands during the day. Using hand cream after you wash and dry your hands will restores moisture back to your lovely hands, this will prevent them from becoming dry & stiff. Another option is to use a travel size body lotion, this does the job of keeping your hands happy as well

Lip Balm
A lip balm that keeps your lips moisturized all days will protect your lips from drying up. In extreme cases, your lips could crack and bleed from dryness. We don’t want that do we?! Licking your lips wouldn’t solve the problem either. This will only make your lips appear grey and pale.

Face Primer
Using a primer before applying the rest of your make-up will help your make-up stay intact. It also helps to control oil secretion through out the day. I’ve read very good reviews about the Becca matte primer. Apparently, it does everything it says it does and its perfect for oily skin ( which I have). Watch review here

 Products ( Shown above with price points below £39 )
(1) Neutrogena hand cream £2.79 here

(2) Becca Primer £28 here

(3) Milk Concentrate Moisturizer by L’occitane £38 here

(4) Nivea Night Cream for Normal and Combination skin £4.05 here

(5) Nivea Lip Butter £2.09 here

Have a Fabulous week ahead.

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