2015 in Retrospect

Happy New Month Beauties.
We’ve arrived at the 12th door, the last month of 2015. What a year it has been. I don’t know about you but this is a year I wouldn’t forget in a hurry. I’ve been broken down and moulded back, lost and gained, cried and laughed, grieved and rejoiced. I have too many things to be thankful for.
Think about it, hundreds, even possibly thousands of people lost their lives. But you’re still alive and healthy! That’s already one huge reality to be grateful for.

In today’s post,  I’ll be showing you 20 of my favourite memories in pictures from fashion shoots I did, to places I visited. You can click through any of the pictures to find out the story behind each image.  Also, I’ll be sharing something special with you at the end of the post so stay glued.



1220870-22Mar { Pri St Pancras }



1230168-04May { Priscillia in Nature }


1230620-30May { Priscillia Blue Wall }




P1250458 - Brighton

1270135-05Sep { Crossrail Roofgardens }


P1270508 - 18 Oct - Autumn Winter Lookbook

P1270339 - 13 Oct - Homemade Primer

P1270655 - 03 Nov - Fall Essentials

P1270552 - 24 Oct - Autumn Winter Lookbook

Shoreditch Selected Pics-32

Shoreditch Selected Pics-25

Now to the special part I mentioned earlier. I’ll like to thank YOU, every single one of YOU. For reading every post I created, taking the time to view all the pictures I published, commenting and liking them. I truly appreciate it, because without YOU all of this will be in vain.

I want to share this platform, my blog, with you this month. Do you have a testimony or experience that you hold close to your heart & will love to share with the world? This is an opportunity to tell everyone, me inclusive, how 2015 has been for you. I’ll very much love to read about it. Send your stories to me via email on priscilliaokpan@gmail.com or through the contact page on the blog.  On Christmas day, December 25th, I’ll be sharing at least 3 of your stories on the blog and it’ll be titled “Gratitude Stories 2015”. I look forward to reading all your amazing stories!

May the rest of the year be wonderful for you.

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Kim Dave Signature 2015

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