It can be overwhelming to have several things to do in a short period of time. Frustration or even worse stress could rule you on a daily basis. Personally, I’m not the most organised person so having a schedule for every part of my life helps me to manage my time and resources wisely. I’m not suggesting you become a control-freak, rather I’m saying cultivating a healthy level of discipline in how you use your time and resources through scheduling saves you a lot of stress.

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I create a weekly schedule that accommodates my studies and work.


Then I have a monthly plan for my blog. This way, I can plan ahead of time.


Today’s post will highlight the top five reasons why you should consider getting a schedule now. You don’t have to be a high-end CEO before you get one.

These are the reasons why I believe schedules are so helpful and make your life easier.

Keeps You Organised
Whether you’re a student doing a part-time job and studying for a degree or a Mum getting back into work after a long break? Virtually writing down targets, goals & assignments and allocating time slots to them for the week or month will help you meet deadlines. Also, it’ll have your mind focused on getting those tasks done and keep you organised overall.

Helps You To Spend Your Time Wisely
Time is one of those assets that cannot be gotten back once spent. Whether you spend it doing something or nothing, once its gone, it is gone. Why not spend it doing things you love and beneficial to your growth(personal or career). Having a schedule helps in inspiring you to do the tasks set out for the week or month.

Helps To Create a Feeling of Fulfillment
Almost nothing beats the feeling you get when you achieve a goal. Why not relish that feeling on a weekly and monthly basis as you strike out those tasks on your schedule. This way, you see yourself slowly get closer to your bigger long terms goals. 

Motivates You to Work Hard
Schedules serve as a source of self-motivation. Laziness and excuses are nudged sideways when you look at your schedule and realize you are either close to a deadline or behind on your plan. A tiny voice in your head keeps reminding you of those things you have to get done. 

Boost Your Confidence
Knowing you did all you set out to do in the allotted time sets your self-confidence on ‘fire’. You trust in yourself and abilities more. “I did it!” that three words victory sentence you say when you’ve completed your weekly or monthly scheduled plan. Have a certain level of confidence in what you’re capable of, you have the ability to do much more than you give yourself credit for!

Want to get your life more organised? Get blank printable templates here or use excel spreed sheets to plan your time better.

Have a fab weekend ahead!!!

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Louisa Moje says:

    Well written girl. Organizing helps reduce my level of stress as I get a sense of accomplishment when I check off a completed task. My twin says I’m old-fashioned but I don’t get the same excitment when I keep track on an electronic device. Old-fashion method rules for me.


    1. Kim Dave says:

      Am happy I’m not alone in the school of thought of physically writing goals. There’s a sort of control you have to strike out those completed tasks! @lapassionvoutee


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