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Happy Sunday!

As 2015 comes to an end, you can’t escape those end of year parties at work or school. Today I’ll be showing you the best dresses suitable for your body shape. Before we jump in, can I just say the dresses I’ll be suggesting are mostly party appropriate, especially for the festive season ahead.
The five main body shapes are Apple, Pear, Inverted-triangle, Square and Hour-glass shapes. These names are attributed to these body types as a result of the lower and upper proportions.

  • Apple or Diamond shaped women carry most of their weight on the middle part of their body, the stomach.
  • Pear shaped women on the other hand have a fuller lower body, the hips and butt.
  • Inverted Triangle or Cone shaped women usually have broad shoulders and a narrow lower half.
  • Rectangular or Boxy shaped women have a straight figure from their chest all the way to their hip-line.
  • Hour Glass shaped women have both full bust and hip-lines.

body_shapes premium beautiful

Let’s get to the fun part, the dresses!

Apple or Diamond Shaped
To flatter your fuller mid-region, go for dresses with empire waistlines that start just beneath your bust-line. They create the illusion of a smaller waist. Be careful to pick the dress that has a cut which skims the body and drapes nicely to avoid a maternity looking silhouette. A wrap dress is also a very flattering fit for all body shapes.


Pear Shaped
Balance out this body shape with a dress that has a fitted waist and a full skirt. The classic sweet heart neckline draws attention to the top half first before the bottom. Ruffles,embellishments and pleats around the necklines also do the trick of getting attention first.


Inverted Triangle or Cone Shaped
Make your broad shoulders look sexy by wearing dresses with deep cut necklines. This works by pulling attention downwards rather than on your shoulders. A-line dresses that end few inches above your knees are universally flattering. Keep all ruffles, pleats, embellishments and design details on the lower half, your aim should be to draw attention to the lower part of your body.

diane-von-furstenberg-lex-dress-standard asymmetrical-bodice-print-maxi-dress-standard

Rectangular or Boxy Shaped
To soften this athletic and boyish shape, go for dresses that have elastic waists. This will create the illusion that you have a thinner waist. Also, dresses that flare out from your shoulders outwards look cute on this figure. Belt-in these dresses if you wish, just around your navel; this is usually the slimmest part in the body of a woman. Peplums around the waist work like magic, they flare out from the waist towards an imaginary hip line. Dresses with pouf or full skirts also look good on boxy shaped women.


Hourglass Shape
Compliment your curves in form fitting dresses. You have a balanced top and bottom, don’t hide it. Hourglass figures look best in silhouettes that accentuate them. You can’t go wrong with a shift dress. It gives a lovely silhouette to those with hips and looks great on everyone.


That’ll be it for today’s post. All the dresses shown above are courtesy of PicVPic. These dresses are part of their Black Friday sale. Some of the dresses have discounts as high as 75%. Check them out here. PicVPic is a lifestyle and eCommerce site that assembles the best fashion for men and women. You can create your own mini-collection on your profile page. See mine.

Hope you have a blessed and productive week ahead.

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